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There are a number of basic things one needs to do when traveling by air, be it domestic or international or whether you are traveling for any purpose, there are a million different ways your trip could be ruined before you even get up in the air. However, there are a number of ways you can mitigate those potential problems. steps must be taken to ensure that your flight does not add to the things that may stress you up. Kindly consider the following: Many people, especially the first time flyers worry about the chances of a plane crash. The thing is, any other means of transportation you may have as your options, plane crashes happen to be the least among all means of transportation. So go easy on yourself and free your mind up. Prepare your mind about a possible flight delay. If you are traveling to meet up a schedule with somebody, make room for contingency. If flights get delayed at the airport, call your partner you are meeting up with and inform them. Don’t create an opportunity for blame. Fortunately, airlines will give full refund if flights are delayed and you happen to change your mind from traveling. If you happen to seat with an unpleasant seatmate or a crying baby, you can request earplugs and cover up your ears. You can also request a seat change if the plane is not full and there are visible empty seats of your class. Some airlines have online check-ins that you can do in the comfort of your house if you suspect you might get to the airport late. However, only resort to this if you are sure you will be at the airport early enough before take-off. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity of taking a part refund as you may be considered as a flown passenger after online check-in. Also watch what you consume before boarding, particularly with long hours of flights. If you are flyer who vomits during flights, you may consult your doctor before even purchasing that ticket. If it is a short journey flight, you may consider not eating at all and rather eat when you get to your destination. Do not overburden your trip with so many schedules. Limit schedules to the very important ones. You may consider a second journey to same place if you have so many things to do there. split the up to manageable amount to enable you to stay focused. A well-planned journey should not stress you out. When you are stress after a journey, there probably was a lapse in the trip planning. get help in planning your trip.          

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