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DOMESTIC TOURISM- Domestic Tourism, aka local tourism, has not seen the best of attention as many people prefer traveling outside the country for the purpose of leisure. With Covid-19 in the system, the best way to release stress and make the best of our leisure is through domestic tourism. Why Domestic Tourism? The fortunes of Ghana’s tourism has for a long time been hinged on the magnanimity of foreign tourists and visitors. While this phenomenon may not be bad considering that the country needs foreign cash, it is imperative we shift focus on scaling up numbers in the domestic tourism sector. The need to grow this aspect of our tourism requires that citizens develop a keen interest in patronizing our tourists’ sites. It is a well-known fact that Ghana is blessed with some of the most incredible sites in the world. With many of these attractions in their natural state, lovers of nature and eco-tourists will find the country the best to be for some real tourism adventure. The following include why we should do more domestic tourism:
  • It is the cheapest to consider.
  • It is familiar terrain for locals, therefore finding their ways around will be easier.
  • Fewer travel hours as compared to traveling outside the country.
  • Achieves the same purpose as that of international travels.
  • It creates an opportunity for locals to discover more of the country.
  • It makes it possible for locals to appreciate the beauty of the country and help keep it clean.
  • improves mood and general happiness of tourists.
  • It boasts the local economy of the tour communities.
  • It creates an opportunity for locals to learn cultural diversity.
Is always good to arrange with a local tour guide to make the internal organization before you arrive, This include;
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • And any other thing you might need to use
When there, try to have an open mind just like when you do a tour outside the country. The following do’s and don’ts may help: do’s:
  • Involve local tour guide to take you through the do’s and the don’ts of the place
  • As much as possible, wear a smile when interacting with the locals
  • Learn how to say  “thank you” in the local language and use it often, learn more of the local language if you can
  • If you are to stay in a local home, make sure to help in the domestic chores, unless you are told not to
  • Apologize if you feel you might have angered or hurt somebody in any way
  • Share your food with your host if you are to stay in a local home or try to contribute to feeding if the host is the one doing the cooking
  • Above all, have fun! you are there for you, not anybody. But whiles having your leisure, do not hurt anybody deliberately.
  • Don’t overstay.
  • Don’t become a burden on your host. If you realize your finances are getting depleted faster than expected, get back up or cut the tour short.
  • Do not claim ethnic superiority over the locals.
  • Do not claim or show more knowledge of the locals than they are telling you, even if you are right.
There are so many places one can go to have leisure. But places with the natural environment and less pollution should be prefered. So when you are thinking of embarking on a tour, think of doing a local tour.    

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